Short wavy curly hairstyles for men

Sporting short curly or wavy locks can allow men to embrace their natural texture while still keeping a polished, refined style. With the right haircut and products, gentlemen with textured hair can achieve a range of stylish, face-flattering looks. From subtle waves to tight coils, short curly hairstyles offer men versatility, personality, and undeniable cool factor.

Embracing Texture and Volume

For men blessed with naturally curly or wavy hair, a short style can be both low maintenance and inherently stylish. While straight, fine hair can appear limp or flat, textured hair is gifted with built-in body and movement. A short cut shows off those lush natural curls or deep waves, allowing them to take center stage. The volume and bounce of textured hair also helps balance facial features and adds visual interest.

Short curly and wavy cuts are perfect for maximizing texture. With less length weighing down the hair, curls and waves are free to pop with definition. These lush locks lend instant vitality and a carefree vibe.

Low Maintenance Styling

As an added perk, shorter curly and wavy hairstyles require virtually no styling compared to longer lengths. Without several extra inches, there is less potential for shrinking and tangling. Simply enhancing natural texture with products yields polished results.

Gentlemen can air dry short curly locks and simply finger style for shape and definition. Blow drying with a diffuser attachment can encourage uniform curl formation as well. To tame frizz, a small amount of moisturizing curl cream or leave-in conditioner massaged into damp hair does the trick.

Flattering Frames for Faces

In addition to low daily upkeep, curly and wavy haircuts neatly frame the face. Short sides and back with added height on top balances facial features. Tight curls and loose waves both lend dimension, adding the illusion of a more oval facial structure.

Because textured hair radiates outwards from the head, it can also downplay sharper jawlines or prominent ears for a more rounded silhouette. For men with thinner hair, those springy curls also create the impression of lusher locks.

On Trend Styles

From the red carpet to city streets, curly textures are having a major moment. The combination of the short sides, long top cut and the natural bend of textured hair checks all the boxes for a contemporary style.

Likewise, people around the world are embracing their authentic hair—and that authenticity extends to men proudly sporting their natural curls and waves. As social media expands global connections, appreciation grows for hair textures of all kinds. There has never been a better cultural climate for gents to show off short curly and wavy cuts.

Which Curl Type Are You?

Before selecting the perfect short curly style, it helps to understand your curl type. All curls are not created equal; curl pattern and thickness can vary greatly from one head to the next. Assess where your hair falls on the texture spectrum before picking cuts optimized for your specific curls.

Type 1: Straight Hair

Type 1 hair is straight with no hint of a curl pattern. While stick straight hair is not technically curly at all, some short straight cuts help create the illusion of texture. With the right products and styling techniques, even the straightest hair can achieve a wavy messy look.

Type 2: Light Wave

Type 2 locks have a definite “S” shaped wave pattern. These loose curls tend to be shiny, thicker hair strands featuring a lot of movement. They also easily stretch out to appear straight when combed. For effortless polish, a short style with texturizing product easily brings out type 2 waves.

Type 3: Loose Curl

Compared to type 2 waves, type 3 hair has springier, clearly-defined ringlets. These bouncy curls form spiral shapes and a noticeable “C” pattern. Type 3 curls contract when wet but can be stretched out when dry. They benefit from regular conditioning to stay supple and defined. Cropped cuts make these curls the star.

Type 4: Tight Coil

Type 4 texture has very tight kinks and coils—almost in zigzags. These delicate strands with sharp angles have the most shrinkage of all curl types when wet. They also tend to be drier and more fragile. Leave-in conditioners and styling creams keep type 4 curls healthy, soft, and supple enough to carry cropped cuts.

With this breakdown in mind, gents can now select a cut and routine to maximize their own texture type. From barely-there waves to spirals popping off the head, there’s a well-suited short curly style for every curl class.

Styling Short Textured Hair

A quality haircut forms the foundation of any great hairstyle–curly locks included. But regularly using the right products ensures natural texture looks its best each day. Consider incorporating these items into your morning regimen:

Moisturizing Shampoo: Look for formulas free of parabens, silicones, and sulfates but packed with moisturizing ingredients. Using a moisturizing shampoo helps replace lipids stripped away by cleansing agents. Nourished, supple hair better holds onto styling.

Conditioner: While shampoo gives hair a deep clean, conditioner is crucial for combatting potential dryness. The hydrating ingredients coat strands to seal in moisture. Using an ultra-hydrating conditioner preps waves and curls for flawless formation.

Leave-In Conditioner: Even after shampooing and conditioning, some extra moisture never hurts. Leave-in products provide a boost of continuing hydration and nutrients. The longtime conditioning keeps texture bouncy and shiny all day. Leave-ins also tame unwanted frizz.

Curl Defining Cream: Defining creams and curl boosting gels encourage uniform curl formation as hair dries. These provide hold, separation, and bounce while making strands more supple. Define those spirals and waves without stiffness or stickiness.

Anti-Frizz Serum: For curly textures prone to frizzing, serums with smoothing oils provide an extra safeguard. A tiny amount sweeps away flyaways and controls halo frizz even in high humidity. Serums also provide UV protection to guard color.

Sea Salt Spray: For bumping up volume even further, add some gritty texture with sea salt spray. Simply mist midlengths to roots while scrunching hair upward. The instantly tousled look works wonders on wavy hair or looser curl patterns. Skip sea salt formulas on coils though—they tend to dry out type 4 curls.

With this styling regimen providing constant nourishment and definition, men can be confident their natural texture looks on point.

Now let’s explore some of the trendiest short curly and wavy hairstyles flattering for gents this year and beyond. Whether just a subtle wave or a tight coil, shots sides and textured tops modernize gentlemen’s style.

Textured Crop

Textured Crop

For gentlemen blessed with a full head of hair, a textured crop flatters all face shapes. Have your barber cut short sides and back blended up into the top. This cropped cut shows off waves and curls while keeping hair neat and polished. Use a matte styling balm to bring out natural texture. Finger style the top into a messy peaked pattern.

Curly Faux Hawk

Curly Faux Hawk

The faux hawk puts a trendy twist on longer style tops. Keep hair long through the middle and taper down sides super short. For curly guys, this fun faux hawk pumps up the volume even more while showing off your spirals. Boost sky-high height and definition with a curl mousse before blowing hair upward.

Buzzed Sides + Curly Top

Buzzed Sides + Curly Top

If you want to put the spotlight on your curls, get the sides and back buzzed super short. Maintain length up top to allow those coils to shine in all their glory. This high contrast style makes spirals the focal point for major impact. Use hydrating gel to encourage consistent curl formation as locks dry.

Tight Crop + Temple Fade

Tight Crop + Temple Fade

Even for gents with tightly coiled 4C curls, cropped cuts work beautifully. Opt for a very short crop all over with a sharp temple fade tapering sides smoothly down. Well-moisturized tight coils will shrink upwards into a rounded silhouette. Twist small sections with product to encourage curl definition.

Textured French Crop

Textured French Crop

A French crop with textured fringe brings European flair. Have the barber cut short sides with a subtle fade into longer hair left at the crown. Styled forward, the textured bangs graze forehead for mysterious appeal. This style works well with straight, wavy or loosely curled hair. Pomade boosts separation and movement.

Curly Buzz Cut

Curly Buzz Cut

Some gents want an unfussy, low maintenance style showing off waves and curls. In that case, consider an overall buzz cut trim. Keeping hair roughly one inch all over puts the emphasis on bare textures rather than precise shapes. Simply finger style and air dry for naturally defined results with no styling needed.

Taper Fade + Curly Mop Top

Taper Fade + Curly Mop Top

This bold shape provides strong contrast between the neckline and sides versus lots of length through the top. Ask your barber for a high, tight fade down the back and sides. What’s left on top forms a rounded curly mop overflowing with carefree texture. This fun style needs some curl cream scrunched in before air drying.

Short Perm

Short Perm

If your straight or wavy hair dreams of becoming curly, a perm can make that happen. Book a short perm service to add lush spirals and shape to a cropped cut. Make sure to consult your stylist first about realistic outcomes–overprocessing causes damage. When performed correctly though, perms yield very convincing curly results.

Undercut + Wavy Surfer Style

Undercut + Wavy Surfer Style

Undercut sides create daring disconnect on this beachy style. Keep hair longer through the top and swept back loosely. Whether you have straight, wavy or curly hair, this permits locks to do their own thing. Boost sea salt texture for piecey separation with matte wax. Let waves tumble back with an undone, devil-may-care vibe.

Finding The Right Barber Shop

Of course a quality cut lays the groundwork for flaunting short curly or wavy locks. Visiting an experienced barber specializing in textured hair makes all the difference. Ask friends with fabulous curly cuts where they go to find recommendations.

Look for barbershops specifically marketing services for black hair care. Stylists at these shops have specialized training and experience styling coils and tight curls. They understand the unique needs of highly textured hair. If you have looser curl patterns though, confirm the barber also specializes in varying curl types.

A trusted stylist understands exactly how to cut textured hair to encourage healthy growth and ideal formation. They also provide advice on properly caring for and styling your unique texture type. Taking the time to find an exceptional barber yields rewards for years to come. Then maintain visits every four to six weeks for tidy upkeep.

Short Curly Hair Inspiration From Celebrities

In addition to stopping guys on the street for style inspiration, gentlemen can reference what celebrities with short curly cuts are rocking. Musicians, actors and all sorts of famous gents sport textured cuts with serious attitude.

Observe how Hollywood men work their coil and waves to find similar shapes and product pairings to try. Even experimenting with new colors and styling approaches opens up further possibilities.

Zayn Malik’s Textured Crop

Zayn Malik’s Textured Crop

Singer and model Zayn Malik dynamically shifts his style from slick to messy. But even with chameleonic changes, he often returns to a simply textured crop putting his natural waves on display. His thick, shiny strands gain enhanced separation and movement with a cropped silhouette.

Donald Glover’s Coiled Taper

Donald Glover’s Coiled Taper

Talented actor/musician Donald Glover celebrates his tight 4c coils with closely cropped sides and angular lines. His haircut consists of shaved sides and back to draw attention upward to the explosion of curls on top. This tapered shape provides just enough length for his spirals to claim the spotlight.

President Obama’s Waves

While presidents before him favored conservative hairstyles, Barack Obama represented an updated perspective from the oval office. Obama embraced refined waves and a precisely edged silhouette during his terms. His salt and pepper waves lent an approachable feel while still upholding presidential polish.

KJ Apa’s Ginger Curls

Kj Apa’s Ginger Curls

Riverdale actor KJ Apa lets his signature vibrant red curls run wild. The New Zealand star opts for casual length on top with his ringlets loosely styled back. Unfussed and free, his shoulder-grazing strands capture attention on screen and off. Apa proves gents don’t require complex cuts to look head-turning.

Kit Harington’s Curly Mop

Kit Harington’s Curly Mop

Game of Thrones mega-star Kit Harington sports identifiably lush ebony curls. Similar to his character Jon Snow’s longer curly mane, Harington embraces off duty length. His natural spirals shape an effortless, romantic tousled mop. Just a touch of pomade scrunched in encourages further definition.

Drawing curly hair inspiration from male celebs offers new perspectives on enhancing texture. Keep an eye out for the latest trends emerging in Hollywood and beyond.

Short Curly Hairstyles For All Men

No matter face shape, natural hair color or curl pattern, short hairstyles for curly hair exist to play up men’s textures. The details covered here only scratch the surface for the seemingly endless possibilities. Custom cuts, new products and evolving styles all provide exciting options for the curly haired gentleman.

By assessing your own hair type, researching the latest trends and consulting expert barbers, men can discover their ultimate short curly style. With the right approach, those lush natural spirals or carefree waves transform into your best hair days yet. So grow out lackluster locks no more–embrace the possibilities of short hair celebrating your spectacular curls instead.

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