New pixie cut styles

Short hair, don’t care! If you love sporting short locks, a pixie cut might just be the perfect style for you. Going into 2023, pixie cuts are hotter than ever, with innovative new takes on this iconic short cut popping up all over. Get ready to embrace your inner Halle Berry or Audrey Hepburn with these fun, feminine and fierce new pixie cut hairstyles that are making waves.

The Classic Pixie Cut

The Classic Pixie Cut

You can’t go wrong with the classic pixie style that started it all. This trendsetting short cut features longer layers on top that gradually taper to closely cropped sides and back. It’s a dynamic look that accentuates your facial features and bone structure. However, the shape of your face must always be taken into account—square faces tend to look best with slightly rounded layers, while heart-shaped faces suit piecey bangs.

The key to a killer classic pixie? Work those layers! Ask your stylist to incorporate tons of lightweight, piecy layers that enhance your natural volume and texture. They’ll make your tresses appear fuller while allowing you to style piecey, flirty locks that seem to defy gravity. Amp up the volume even further with the right styling products.

And don’t forget—the crop’s the thing! Keep those sides and back trimmed close for a look that’s polished yet undeniably edgy. 2023’s take on the classic pixie celebrates femininity and “pretty” short hair rather than an overly boyish aesthetic. So maintain just a hint of stubble on the nape while letting your longer crown layers shine.

The Textured Pixie

The Textured Pixie

For 2023, it’s all about amping up the texture in your new pixie cut. So embrace your natural waves and curls, or add tons of piecey layers to fake it. The textured pixie takes the classic crop to new dimension, with lots of choppy, tousled layers for volume galore.

To nail this look, ask for lots of light face-framing layers and shattered ends. You want strands to bend, flip and curl every which way. Then enhance that texture at home with sea salt spray. Simply mist it onto damp hair and scrunch strands as they dry for va-va-voom volume, then finger style pieces artfully out of place. Welcome beautiful bedhead that’s red carpet ready!

The Asymmetrical Pixie

The Asymmetrical Pixie

If you like edgy style, take your pixie to sassy new heights—literally!—with an asymmetrical shape that’s longer on one side. This hot trend offers tons of versatility, allowing you to sweep longer strands across your forehead for mystery or behind your ear to showcase a favorite earring.

Have some fun with this pixie’s uneven silhouette! Ask for a deep side part so lengths can sweep dramatically across, then keep styling fluid. One day let longer layers curl across your forehead Veronica Lake-style, the next tuck them behind one ear or feather them messily across your eyes. Change up angles and textures daily—the options for your asymmetrical crop are endless!

The Colored Pixie

The Colored Pixie

Putting color in your cropped cut is an awesome way to amplify its impact. And for 2023, vivid fantasy hues are so hot right now! The most adventurous trendsetters are donning their pixies in whimsical shades of purple, blue, pink, green and more. But subtle highlights or an ombre effect can also make your short strands stand out while allowing you to remain low key.

When considering colors for your new pixie cut—whether subdued or shocking—it’s essential to consider your skin’s undertone. Cool complexions tend to look best in icy platinum and violet hues. Warm tones glow with coppers, auburns and honey blondes. Play up your own unique coloring for a cropped style that packs a colorful punch. Then have fun switching shades as the mood strikes!

The Edgy Pixie

The Edgy Pixie

Channel your inner rock star edge with a rebellious pixie cut that goes for the extreme. Super short crops, bold lines, sharp angles, longer fringe—this brazen pixie oozes attitude from every hair. Not for the faint of heart, it’s perfect if you crave the bold over the basic.

For ulta-short sides, don’t be afraid to buzz ‘em down to the skin and maintain with faded lines etched above each ear. Then keep longer layers on top choppy and shattered for loads of texture. Spiky strands radiate nonconformist vibes and also allow you to spike up lengths or sweep them dramatically across your face. Grungy gray hues put the punk in this pixie, but you can opt for any color along the spectrum—even neon! Just keep the styling badass.

How to Style Your New Pixie Cut

You just got a sleek new pixie cut—now how the heck do you style it? Have no fear! It’s easier than you think to make your cropped hairdo shine each day. Here are some key tips for unlocking the magic of your hot new short locks:

Prep Is Key Applying styling products to damp hair before blow drying is crucial for maximizing volume and achieving your desired look. Mousse, root boost spray, sea salt spray and texturizing creams are all fantastic pixie prepping must-haves. Distribute from roots to ends, then get busy with the blow dryer.

Master the Blowout Drying your pixie cut with a round brush is key for boosting body and bend. Concentrate first on your roots, drying hair upward from the scalp for lift. Then turn ends under as you smooth hair into place, rounding your short layers forward to beautifully frame the face.

Embrace Texture The beauty of pixies? All those piecey ends take to messy, undone texture beautifully. So don’t be afraid to muss up your mane post-blowout! Twist longer strands as they dry or scrunch layers all over for maximum volume and dimension. Finish with some matte styling cream or texturizing spray for flexible hold.

Change Part Styles Ask your stylist for a pixie that can be parted many ways—off-center, deep side, zig-zag, etc. Then switch it up! Simply sliding your part to various angles creates wholly unique looks. Go sleek one day, tousled the next. Your pixie’s versatility is endless.

Accessorize for Added Interest The shortest crops look fantastic played up with pretty hair accessories. Try mini headbands embellished with pearls, flowers or crystals. Bold barrettes and artsy hair clips add eye-catching bling. Have fun seeing just how much allure you can add to your petite mane!

Go Glam with Product A pixie cut lets you really pile on the products since you don’t have long lengths to weigh down. So try working defining paste, pomade, or grooming cream through shorter sides and back for lots of piecey texture and definition. Then sweep lightweight glossing creams through top layers for luminous shine and movement. Voila—glam city!

How to Transition into a Pixie Cut

Making the drastic leap to short locks can be daunting. Will you regret bidding adieu to your long hair the moment the scissors start snipping? To avoid major panic, try transitioning gradually into your new pixie cut instead with a series of incremental chops. Here’s a step-by-step guide to painlessly getting cropped:

The Lob (Long Bob) First, ditch at least six inches with a long bob, or lob. This collarbone-grazing length is a perfect gateway cut to test the waters of life without long hair. Feel free to stick with the lob awhile as you adjust to the new look.

The Chin-Length Bob
When you’re ready, lose a few more inches to a bob that falls just below or at your chin. At this length, you’ll get a feel for having hair grazing your jawline and neck rather than draping down your back. Play with fun styling like tucks behind the ears.

The Pixie with Longer Layers Tell your stylist you’re headed for an eventual pixie cut, but would like to work up to it gradually. Ask for a cropped style a couple inches longer than a true pixie, with hair tapering from just over two inches at the part to less than an inch around back and sides. This will preview your eventual short cropped ‘do.

The True Pixie! Now that you’ve gotten a taste of life with less length, go for the gold! Visit your hairstylist and have them crop your current shorter style down into an authentic pixie cut. Keep some softness with longer layers you can sweep stylishly to the side or across your forehead as desired. Then flaunt your fabulous short locks!

How to Care for Your New Pixie Cut

Cropped short in your trendy new pixie cut, your hair requires a little different primping than when it was long. Treat your tiny tresses right and they’ll reward you with vibrant shine and resilience. Here are pro tips for keeping your fabulous pixie in tip-top shape:

Shampoo Less Pixie cuts mean less hair and scalp to wash. Shampooing too often can dry out your cropped mane, causing frizz and breakage. Try shampooing just twice a week, using dry shampoo between washes to soak up oils.

Condition Often
While shampoo is scarce, don’t skimp on the conditioner! Apply generously mid-lengths to ends after every shampoo to keep your pixie hydrated, smooth and strong.

Air Dry strategically Let your pixie air dry as often as possible to prevent potential heat damage from too much blow drying or hot iron use. If you must diffuse or style with hot tools, use a protective spray first to shield strands.

Trim Regularly Getting consistent trims every four to six weeks is crucial for keeping pixie cuts looking fab. Book standing appointments so your hairstylist can snip splits and keep your edges and nape neat. Dusting ends prevents breakage too.

Use Hold Products Pixies love styling creams, pomades, waxes, gels and sprays that provide molding and hold. Work through damp hair before blow drying or smooth over dry pixie strands post-styling to lock in your look all day.

Accessorize for Fun! Not only do hair accessories like pretty clips and headbands look awesome with short crops, they also protect styled strands between washes. Use them daily to dress up your new ‘do while keeping it neat.

FAQs About Pixie Cuts

Tempted by the sassy short crop but still hesitant to take the plunge?

Here are answers to some common pixie cut questions to help you decide if it’s the right look for you.

Is a pixie cut high maintenance?

Surprisingly no! Less hair means quicker wash and style times. You will visit the salon more often for trims, but daily upkeep is minimal. Use good products to enhance texture and shape between cuts.

Does a pixie cut make you look older or younger?

It depends! Cropped cuts can make some mature women seem more youthful and edgy. But very short buzzed pixies can age a younger woman. Shoulder-skimming pixies with pretty layers are universally flattering.

Do guys find pixie cuts attractive?

Absolutely! Confident women who rock short hair well epitomize beauty and sex appeal to many men. Poses like hands running through cropped locks can be very alluring! Ultimately you need to please yourself first, but yes, pixies can attract ample admiring male attention.

I have curly hair; can I get a pixie cut?

Definitely! Naturally curly gals will love embracing their curl pattern in a short pixie. With the right layers and products, you can achieve a textured curly crop that appears fuller and showcases your fabulous kinks and coils. Embrace the natural volume!

I have a round face; will a pixie cut look good? Round face shapes are actually ideal for pixies, as the short layers help slim a fuller face. Go for slightly rounded ends rather than blunt-cut strips for maximum flattery. Have your stylist texturize and taper hair close at the nape to elongate appearance as well.

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