30 Shaved sides haircut female ideas

Getting a stylish new haircut can make any woman feel like a whole new person. If you’re looking for an edgy, modern cut that will turn heads, consider a shaved sides haircut. Combining a short shaved undercut on the sides and back with longer hair on top, this fashionable coif gives you the best of both worlds – mixing feminine locks with an undeniably bold, eye-catching shape.

This guide will explore 30 chic shaved sides haircut ideas perfect for women looking to shake up their style with a contemporary, versatile look. We’ll overview popular lengths, partings, styling methods, and more so you can find your perfect fierce cut! Get ready to discover inspiration for your next big chop.

Considering the Shaved Undercut Look

Before diving into the many shaved sides haircut options for females, let’s overview exactly what the style entails. Put simply, a shaved undercut features closely cropped hair on the sides and back while hair on top remains longer. This creates stark contrast for major visual interest.

The length of the top layers can vary widely, from a couple inches to over five inches long or more. The sides and back, however, always remain closely shorn with a razor or clippers. This exposes the scalp for an eye-catching look.

While once considered rebellious and edgy, the undercut has entered mainstream fashion for modern women. The cut flatters all face shapes and allows for versatile styling. Keep growing out and cutting the top to reshape your style over time while maintaining neatly buzzed sides.

Flattering Lengths for the Shaved Portion

When planning your unique shaved sides haircut, the first decision involves choosing a length for the buzzed portion. Options range from a nearly bald fade up to around half an inch long. Consider your personal taste, hair type, and lifestyle:

Nearly Bald Buzz

Shaving the back and sides down to the skin creates the most severe undercut contrast. This makes sense for females with very thick hair looking to remove bulk. Maintain stubble with regular trims.

Subtle Shadow Buzz

Using a No. 1 or No. 2 guard leaves subtle stubble shadow on the sides and nape. This allows a touch of texture while preventing the hassle of an utterly smooth head shave.

Cropped Cut

Cutting the undersection to around 1/4 or 1/2 inch with trimmers or clippers produces a cropped, boyish cut. This remains minimal enough for the shaved effect but tames upkeep compared to a bald fade.

In summary, thin fine hair can pull off the most extreme razor shave, while thick coarse hair benefits from more subtle shadow. Occasionally buzzing maintains a tidy grow-out. Now let’s explore trendy styling options for the longer top layers!

Partings to Suit Your Style

Just as crucial as choosing a shaved undercut length involves determining a parting style to direct your top layers. Partings not only guide how locks fall but greatly impact the framing of facial features. Consider parting variations like:

Zigzag Side Part

Instead of continuing straight across from one side to another , a zigzag part features a staggered look that aesthetically breaks up harsh lines. This lively parting wakes up otherwise flat roots.

Deep Side Part

Sectioning longer hair severely to one side produces dramatic asymmetry with shortened fringe on one side.

Subtle Middle Part

A simple center part keeps focus directly on the buzzed portion rather than long top bits. This clean look exudes modern polish.

While personal preference rules, do think about your face shape and which parting flatters it most. An off-center side part, for instance, beautifully highlights oval visages.

Lengths & Styles for the Long Layers

While shaved sides serve as the star of this haircut, the longer layers on top still require consideration regarding preferred length and daily styling methods. Evaluate choices like:

Short Cropped Layers

Keeping hair up top trimmed to just two or three inches allows natural texture to shine through while introducing fun layers. Fuss-free short locks simply frame the face.

Medium Length Lob

Letting top hair grow out towards lob or long bob length – typically collarbone and beyond – opens up chic styling opportunities. Twist mid-length strands into pieces or elegant updos without saturating lengths in product.

Long Flowing Tresses

Maximize contrast by coupling a buzzed nape with seriously lengthy locks up front. This requests commitment through regular trims to avoid overpowering regrowth. Pull back flowing hair in messy buns, ponytails, and gentle waves or enjoy straight sleek Cher style.

Now let’s get into inspiring images of shaved sides haircuts for all hair types and personal styles!

30 Chic Shaved Sides Styles for Females

Previewing assorted images of edgy undercut hairdos on real women helps build inspiration for your own cut. Study the following shaved sides lewks suitable for straight, wavy, curly, and coily hair types in all different lengths:

Spiky Pixie with Faded Nape

Spiky Pixie With Faded Nape

This platinum short pixie cut features sliced layers on top styled upwards into fun spikes. The nape and sides blend from bald to quarter-inch fuzzy regrowth.

“I love creating texture by point cutting into the ends of pixie cuts like this,” explains stylist clarke Rhys at TONI&GUY.

Short Curly Faux Hawk

Short Curly Faux Hawk

Take your tapered nape to the next level by sculpting perky curls on top into a curly faux hawk. This fun short style spotlights natural texture while the curved shape flatters round faces.

Tight Coils with Angled Part

Tight Coils With Angled Part

Women with tightly coiled curls can rock a short graduated bob. After establishing a deep side part, define ringlets with product. An angled shape is slenderizing.

Half-Up Heart Bun

Half Up Heart Bun

For ladies growing out a disconnected undercut yet not ready for a lone flowing mane, try this charming half back heart bun. Pull front pieces out to frame the face while accentuating your fade nape peeking through.

Side-Swept Lob with temple Undercut

Side Swept Lob With Temple Undercut

Undercuts don’t need to run all across the back to make an impact. Try a small side-shaved portion on one temple only to inject subtle edge into a wavy asymmetrical long bob.

Bleach Blonde Disconnected Pixie

Bleach Blonde Disconnected Pixie

If you’re committing to an albino blonde hue, show it off with an angular pixie undercut. The longer jagged fringe sections contrast beautifully beside the faded half-inch sides.

Curly Highlighted Mohawk

Curly Highlighted Mohawk

Why choose one bold hair move when you can opt for three? This edgy long mohawk features shaved curvature on both sides, rich honey highlights throughout, and loads of volume up top thanks to natural curls.

Messy Lavender Bob

Messy Lavender Bob

Another disconnect cut, this messy half-up half-down long bob shows off a radical nape undercut. The stark divide gets softened thanks to choppy ends and a striking pastel purple hue with dark roots.

Braided Crown Wrap Updo

Braided Crown Wrap Updo

Once top hair reaches maximum lengths, spin strands into intricate updos contrasting buzzed bits underneath. Here a fishtail braid becomes a regal crown with stray curly tendrils left out around the temples.

Short Razored Lob

Short Razored Lob

Instead of leaving a blunt fringe, incorporate sliced layers cut to different lengths for loads of flattering dimension. This textured Effect softens a dramatic side-parted asymmetric lob.

Feminine Rose Gold Pastel Balayage

Feminine Rose Gold Pastel Balayage

This doll-like long mane features a stark color/texture contrast from jet black roots to rose gold lengths. Pair the mermaid hues with a subtly shaved nape peeking through elegant curved ends.

Short Stacked Silver Fox Cut

Short Stacked Silver Fox Cut

Mature ladies deserve edgy style too like this chin-length piece-y ‘do combining choppy layers, an angled side part, and undercut division. The sterling silver fox dye job lends additional dimension.

Faux Hawk Fade with Headband

Faux Hawk Fade With Headband

This sassy long faux hawk features straightened center strands styled up for major height over a clean shaved fade cut. The headband keeps flyaways in check while showcasing the extreme parting line.

Wavy Disconnect with Buzzed Geometric Pattern

Wavy Disconnect With Buzzed Geometric Pattern

Instead of a straight-across undercut disconnect, try a unique geometric pattern like this right-angle triangular shave. Coupled with wavy asymmetrical strands up top, this cut keeps viewers guessing.

Sweeping Burgundy Balayage Lob

Sweeping Burgundy Balayage Lob

Flatter longer face shapes with sweeping front fringe layered to graze cheekbones with seamless burgundy ombre color melt. Shorter sides allow the pretty balayage to take center stage.

Piece-y Pixie with Long Side Bangs

Piece Y Pixie With Long Side Bangs

For cute and carefree short hair, go for this piece-y razored pixie cut with extra long side-swept bangs. Feminize the style further with rounded edges versus severe lines.

Curly Under-Buzz with Headband

Curly Under Buzz With Headband

Here’s an extremely short buzzed cut not quite faded but left at a uniform half-inch length. Embrace natural texture up top by letting curls go free then controlling the look with a printed headwrap.

Spiked Pixie Mullet

Spiked Pixie Mullet

What happens when you combine a pixie cut with a mullet? This forward-styled short spiked hybrid! Create volume on top while keeping the back and sides closely cropped. It’s shagging but refined.

Bold Three-Tone Color Melt

Bold Three Tone Color Melt

Make even more of a statement by experimenting with rainbow ombre hues like this vibrant pink, platinum, and golden bronze trio. Short undercut sides let the mermaid color melt bask in the spotlight.

Refined Low Chignon Bun

Refined Low Chignon Bun

This polished updo elegantly sweeps back middle lengths into a tidy, oval-shaped chignon bun resting at the nape of the neck. Stray framing pieces soften the sleek look. The clean symmetry beautifully contrasts fuzzy short sides for a refined style perfect for formal events. Let this graceful chignon showcase your exceptional bone structure while still allowing a glimpse of your trendy undercut.

Twisted Half Updo with Side Bangs

Twisted Half Updo With Side Bangs

This polished half up half down style twists front sections diagonally across the head into an elegant low bun shape contrasting the faded undercut along one side. Soft curved bangs balance facial proportions.

Short Shag Cut with Root Shadow

Short Shag Cut With Root Shadow

This piece-y pixie cut features stacked layers in the back graduating downwards for a shaggy mullet effect. Dark regrowth peeks through the platinum hue lending a deliberate shadow root appearance.

Curly Faux Hawk Upstyle

Curly Faux Hawk Upstyle

Turn natural tight curls into a sculpted faux hawk shape using gel then spike the ridged style upwards. Pulling all focus vertical maximizes height on oblong faces.

Angled Piece-y Pixie Cut

Angled Piece Y Pixie Cut

Ask your stylist to point cut into a pixie’s spiky layers to intentionally create an unkempt finish. This makes the clustered locks appear fuller and frames an oval face shape perfectly.

Dark Rooted Platinum Long Bob

Dark Rooted Platinum Long Bob

A collarbone-grazing long bob cut lends beautiful movement to show off bold yet believable dark-to-light color contrast. Short tapered neck fuzz lets the icy lengths gleam.

Shoulder-Length Textured Lob

Shoulder Length Textured Lob

The disconnected shaved nape helps balance excessive volume and thickness for curly hair. Embrace natural texture in a collarbone-length angled lob accentuating cheek structure beautifully.

Extreme side part U-shape

Extreme Side Part U Shape

This rounded asymmetric bob features an exaggerated side parting into a U silhouette exposing the fade nape section. It’s perfect for sculpting direction onto full round faces without overcrowding broad cheekbones.

Cubic Pixie Angles

Cubic Pixie Angles

Geometric pixies feel futuristic, like this cubic iteration with longest layers meeting at right angles. Run hands through the heavily layered locks as the undercut fuzz grows out.

Half Braided Fishtail Crown

Half Braided Fishtail Crown

Flatter oblong visages by braiding top mid-lengths into a regal crown braid shape, leaving lower portions loose to broaden facial width. Show off your precise handiwork against fuzzy buzzed sides.

Rainbow Ombre Lob

Rainbow Ombre Lob

Last but not least, this vivid ombre rainbow lob injects joy with watercolor dye starting muted orange then washing out through yellow, green, blue, and purple. The graduated color story enlivens a bare undercut nape.

Transform Your Look with a Shaved Sides Haircut

Have you found shaved sides hair inspiration within these edgy styles? Short sides coupled with longer pretty locks up top strike the ultimate feminine/tomboy balance.

I hope reviewing popular lengths, partings, colors, and styling tips helps you feel confident requesting your own fabulous undercut style. Embrace this adventurous beauty transformation to unveil a stunning new you!

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