14 Haircuts and Hairstyles for Balding Men

Male pattern baldness affects a staggering number of men, with around 50% showing signs by the age of 50. While some men choose to embrace the bald look, others prefer to hold on to what hair they have left. The good news is that with the right cut and styling products, balding men can still look great with thinning hair. This article will explore 14 flattering haircuts and hairstyles to help balding men make the most of their hair.

1. The Buzz Cut

The Buzz Cut

One of the most low-maintenance hairstyles for balding men is the buzz cut. This super short style involves trimming the hair to a uniform length all over the head, usually with clippers. The buzz cut allows men to crop their hair extremely close to the scalp, minimizing the look of thinning hair. It also requires virtually no styling, just a quick pass with the clippers when it starts to grow out. For balding men who want a fuss-free solution, the buzz cut is a great option.

2. The Crew Cut

The Crew Cut

The crew cut is a step up in length from the buzz cut, with just a bit more hair left on top. Hair on top is trimmed to around 1 inch long, blended to very short sides and back. This style adds a bit more shape and fullness up top compared to the buzz cut. It works well for men in the early stages of hair loss who still have enough density on top to leave some length. The crew cut is another low-maintenance style that looks sharp.

3. The Caesar Cut

The Caesar Cut

The Caesar cut features a short, textured fringe in front that is cropped to around 2 inches long. Hair on the sides and back is tapered very short. The fringe can be styled forward to help conceal a receding hairline. This soft fringe is versatile enough to wear conservatively slicked back or tousled in a more edgy style. The Caesar is a great compromise for balding men who want to minimize what they’ve lost while playing up what hair remains in front.

4. The French Crop

The French Crop

A longer version of the Caesar fringe, the French crop features around 2 to 5 inches of length combed forward in front. The look is finished with closely tapered sides. The long, textured fringe helps disguise thinning hair and receding hairlines. For added volume, use a matte styling product to add texture and lift at the roots of the fringe. The French crop allows men with progressive hair loss to retain a sense of style and dimension up top.

5. The Side Part

The Side Part

Creating a side part can draw attention away from thinning hair on top. Parting the hair severely and sweeping it across the forehead helps cover early recession around the temples. This classic style looks great with a short to medium length on top, around 2 to 5 inches. Ask your barber to add texture to the longer top to boost volume. Using a thickening hair product provides extra coverage for diffuse thinning.

6. The Comb Over

The Comb Over

Despite its reputation, a tasteful comb over can actually minimize the look of balding. The key is keeping it subtle – combing just a small portion of hair over from one side across to the other. Hair shouldn’t travel a long distance. Trimmed short to medium length on top, tapered tight on the sides, and styled with hold products, today’s comb over offers a smart illusion of density.

7. The Quiff

The Quiff

The quiff is characterized by short sides and back coupled with longer hair swept up and back from the forehead. This style lifts thinning hair off the forehead, adding height and movement. Work a molding cream through the longer top layer to build volume and hold the dramatic sweep in place. The height created on top results in a look with added body and dimension, great for concealing balding.

8. The Slicked Back Undercut

The Slicked Back Undercut

Shaving down the sides and back to the skin accentuates whatever hair remains on top. Keep hair long enough up top to slick back with pomade for an edgy undercut style that embraces the balding look. This bad boy vibe contrasts short sides with just enough length and volume on top to stand out. It’s all about attitude and owning it.

9. The Wispy Comb Over + Beard

The Wispy Comb Over Beard

Layering and point-cutting longer hair on top results in softer, piece-y texture with Increased movement. Combining this wispy comb over with facial hair adds another element of illusion for thinning hair. The beard also supports the rugged, undone vibe. Use a light styling cream to define the layers up top without slicking hair flat and reducing volume.

10. The Short Brush Up

The Short Brush Up

Spiky hair is out, but brushing short hair up and back off the forehead can mimic density. Use a toothbrush or pomade to style less than 2 inches of length up and back. Focus volume at the front hairline to disguise recession. The brush up minimizes exposed scalp and creates the appearance of a fuller overall look. For added texture, ask your barber to point cut into the ends.

11. The Textured Crop

The Textured Crop

A longer version of the crew cut, the textured crop features 3 to 4 inches chopped on top with shorter sides. Ask your barber for layered tapering and texturizing – not blunt lines. The dimensional layers and sliced in texture provide movement and flow that disguise thin spots. Ruffle hair into place with matte styling paste for natural lift at the roots.

12. The Messy Pompadour Fade

The Messy Pompadour Fade

The pompadour worn tall suits thinning locks because it forces hair up and away from the scalp. Have your barber leave 5 to 8 inches to play with on top, buzzing the back and sides short. Style hair brushed up and back with wax or clay, teasing for elevation. Then ruffle the front and sides for imperfection that appears fuller.

13. The Textured Spike

The Textured Spike

Not your average spikey style, today’s textured spike uses irregular lengths and dried out, matte texture for a full look. Cutting choppy layers all over builds volume and flexibility into upright styles. Work a gritty paste through 4 to 6 inches of length and style strands in opposing directions. The textured spike makes hair appear abundant.

14. Going Gray

Going Gray

More and more balding men are embracing the gray rather than fighting it. Allowing hair to turn fully gray diminishes the contrast between existing hair and the scalp below. Gray hair also helps limit the appearance of thinning because the difference blends together more seamlessly. Another option is to buzz the sides and back down to the gray base for a blended two-tone look on top.


Hair loss can be challenging to deal with, but balding men have many fashionable hairstyle options. The key is working with your barber to select the right length and volume enhancing cut and styles for your specific degree and pattern of hair loss. With the right techniques and products, men can continue looking stylish and professional despite thinning hair due to balding.

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